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Husband Wife Problem Solution by wazifa

Husband Wife Problem Solution by wazifa
Husband Wife Problem Solution by wazifa”,When anyone wants the acceptance of the marriage proposal of their kid. For example: if your parents are planning to visit boy’s household for marriage proposal with the hand of girl and in addition they want that it won’t denied/rejected and will also be surely accepted, then insha ALLAH it will likely be accepted. What you must do is:

Write lovely verse on pure/clean bright paper with saffron and also tie it on your right hand and then insha ALLAH hul A’zeez his/her marriage proposal will probably be accepted and soon they’ll get married to each other.

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Bismillah hirRahmaan nirRaheem

Qul ‘Inna Al-Fađla Biyadi AL-LAHI Yu’utīhi Man Yashā‘u Wa ۗ AALLAHU Wāsi`un `Alīmun

Yakhtaşşu Biraĥmatihi Man Yashā‘u Wa ۗ AllāhuDhū Al-Fađli Al-`Ažīmi

073. State (O Muhammad): Lo! the bounty is ALLAH’s hand. HE bestoweth it on whom He will. ALLAH is All-Embracing, All-Knowing.

074. HE selecteth regarding HIS mercy whom He will. ALLAH is regarding Infinite Bounty.

Take note: Before Performing these Wazifa:

Please execute a seven day ‘Nikah Istikhara’ from yaALLAH. in primary. Once this ‘Nikah Istikhara’ comes positive you are able to perform the over wazifa.
English translation can be written only to give you a well knowledge of the meaning of the verse. Whereas, write these verse with saffron inside Arabic language simply.

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