Monday, 8 February 2016

Amal When Going For Fajr Prayer

This amal when going for fajr is a very great type of amal, It is an Islamic amal “If any people recites this dua and dies the  same day, then they will be saved for hell (Jehnnum) and if someone recites it seven times after fajr prayer before saying to any individual and if he dies on that same day then they will also save for hell (Jehnnum).”

In another hadith prophet if someone recites the amal fajr prayer 10 times while sitting in the tashahudd position, then per day they will get written reward for them and then they will get rid with the 10 sins of the name of amal and they will get protection from each and every evil things and then other sin can destroy that people. That person will get the power that no one can harm them with the help of this amal when going for fajr prayer. In relative to an action they will be the higher to all people. If someone will recite this fajr more and more then they will go for further and it is the other matter that will be not known as fajr prayer.

This prayer keeps you safe and protects you from all the evil effects and all negative energies that can harm you. This fajr prayer is helpful for avoiding that sort of force. All your undertakings will be easy, you will be able to remove anxiety. With the help of this fajr prayer your enemy will self destroy. You will get increments in your good deeds, you will get all success for yourself with this amal prayer.

You should recite this fajr prayer after Esha-e prayer without Esha-e prayer you will not get success in your fajr prayer.

Something about fajr prayer-
Fajr prayer keeps away the shaitaan and weakens his potency.
Fajr is the explanation of Allaah Taala’s prayer.
Fajr relieves the mind of anxieties and worries.
Fajr is the greatest reason of delight and gladness.
Fajr brightens the expression.
Fajr attracts the earnings.
Fajr of Allah Taala causes your name to be mentioned in the court of Allah Talla.
Fajr cleanses the spirit of its rust.
Fajr is like a uphold against problems and forgetfulness.
Fajr is the great answer to all difficulties.

Some helpful fajr prayers are–   “Allahoo mmaah ghaarithinn ujjumuh waa hedaathil yoonuuhh waa anantha hayyunn qaiyyumullah tha’ ku dhuh ka sinathu walaa nawmun yaa hayyunn yaa qaiyyoomu a’hde’ layleeyah waa annim ‘ayneehk.”     “Allahuu bikkali maatil-dilleshaahi laahit-taammaatiyah minnatiyan ghadhiti abihi waa ‘iqbaalaabihi, waa sharriyat ibbadaat ‘ibaadihi, waa minn hamaz aatish yatyaah-shaiyaateeni waa ‘ann yahdh uroon.”

These are very useful amal fajr prayer that can be used by individual when they want to get protection because of their fear, it will protect you from each and every type of negative forces or any type of bad energies. Anyone can use it there is no any restriction or any special time to use this amal.

When To Make Up Fajr Prayer For Healing
When to make up fajr prayer for healing, if you are constantly using this fajr prayer for healing and you can’t pray at any day, then you can make up it in evening prayer or you can make it up in another day also. There is no any hard and fast that you have to do this prayer at the exact time per day so you can pray it any time according to your comfort and according to your wish. But you need to keep remembering something that when you are reciting this prayer in that duration you don’t have to take non-veg food for that duration otherwise you can’t go for the heal with this fajr prayer. It is restricted to use when you are reciting this prayer.

When to make up fajr prayer for a needy person, it is very nice and helping. If someone wants to help someone and want to sort out all  the problems of any individual then you can do that with the help of this fajr prayer. If you have the abilities to help any needy person then you should try to help them because it is really a very pure type of work. You will get the place in heaven if you will help any needy person because dua really work and when you will fulfill someone’s desires, then that person will get happy and they will ask of God to bless you that’s why if you can then you should do help them. Prayer is really a great working way so if you can’t help someone then at least you can pray for them so you should pray for them then they will get the solution of their problems.

How To Perform Fajr Prayer For Solving Problems
Fajr prayer have their own performance if you will try it with right acts, then you will get success to sort out your problems easily. Fajr prayer is a great solution to solve out your problems. It is very nice solution to get rid with your problems. You can get all problems solution here with the help of this fajr prayer. If you are missing this prayer sometimes before the morning time, then there is no any issues, but if you will do it on a daily basis then it may occur problems and this fajr prayer will show you reverse domino effect so you should not take it easy. You should use it with seriously because it is not a joke, it is your problem’s solution.

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