Monday, 8 February 2016

Dushman Ko Barbad Karne Ka Amal

Dushman ko barbad krne ka amal is very useful for removing your enemies from your life, With the help of this amal you can spoil the life of your enemies. There are many people in this world who have only one aim in their life they want to spoil someone’s work just because of their small benefits and for wrong desires. And sometimes they hurt people and always stand like a hindrance of someone’s life.

Dushman ko barbad karne ka amal-

“Allah uma manzil Kitabi mujriyas shabi Saree al hisabi Hazimal Ahzabi Ihzim- hum”.

Dushman Ko Marne Ka Amal
The enemy is the part of everyone’s life, we have to need remove our enemies from our life, otherwise they can give us problems in our life so dushmano ko marne ka amal is there for helping us. But please remember one thing that doesn’t use it for just small or genuine fights because you can lose a person from your life, may be possible they are good, but you have any confusion about them or something is misunderstanding between you and them. This amal is only used for big problem that have no any other way to solve your problem. Dushman ko marne ka amal can kill your enemy and make your life happy.

Dushman Ko Zaleel Karne Ka Amal
Dushman ko zaleel krne ka amal that means, Insult your enemies.It’s very effectiveamal for insult your enemy–
First, recite jojhar prayer and then read wazifa 313 times in a day in jawal time. While reading this amal you should keep an image of your enemy in your mind. You should start this amal in Tuesday or Saturday, you have to do this amal only 3 to 11 days, you can get positive result of this amal soon whenamal will be complete.

Dushman Se Hifazat Ka Amal
Dushman se hifazat ka amal is useful for, guide yourself from enemies. When yourenemy want to harm you and giving you suffer and tries to make your life hard and panic, You should use this amal. This amal will protect you from enemies. If you have any fear from enemy you should recite amal of dushman se hifazat. Roohani amal is also very useful for protecting from enemies. Read this Rohaani amal 321 time in a day after reciting isha prayer, This amal may be start on Tuesday or Saturday.

Dushman Ki Tabahi Ka Amal
This amal is used to spoiling the life and everything of your enemy. If you are suffering because of the enemies, then you can take help of dushman ki tabahi ka amal. This amal can solve all major or minor problems that are related to enemies this amal is extremely helpful for you. Please don’t misuse this amal for small problems.

Dushman ki tabaahi ka amal-
“Ha Ya Hukku Bihaki Tunkafeel”. “Ya ka hiru zul batshi la yetuku Intakaam Ya mahiru ya qahiru”. Recite this amal 41 times per day till when it’s complete 3172.

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