Monday, 8 February 2016

How To Do Sifli Amal In Islam

How To Do Sifli Amal In Islam
Sifli amal is an important amal in Islam for Black magic or for vashikaran. With the help of Sifli amal magic people gets totally gets into your control them’s mind totally going drains, they can’t think anything. They will only do that things are waningt from you. Sifli amal is an effect of negative energy it’s a devil act. Sifli amal is almost as like kala ilm. Mostly it’s used for bad intention. Sifli amal can influence someone and can attract towards you.

Sifli amal can be done by molvi ji or by experts who have great knowledge about Sifli amal. Amal is an Urdu that means process of any work in English.

Amal For Success In Exam
Amal means process of work, when you want to get success in your life there are many amal who can grant you success in all exams, some amal are here from them-

You should Dua per day after studying-

“Allah uma asttaaodivia maa karaatu vama hafaztu.

Farraduhu allaya inda hagati elahehi innaka illahi matassha u kaadir

Waanta hasbiya va namaal vakkil”.

“vaa iyyuu yaridu aae ya khudaa ka inaa hasbakalla huwal luzi aaidka be nasrih I waa bial mu minnin”.

“Nammaaze aye eshaa after Daraud Sharreef one time in a day”.

Amal For Success In Business
We every want to get great success in business or professional life, so there are some amal for success in business-

“Yaarjuna Tijartaal Lan Taboor Zuyiyana Linnassi Hubbussh Sahawati”.

“Allahuna Innie As Alooka Min kahariya va khayri Ahiliha va Aoodu Bika saharihawa sahaariha Ahliha”.

“Ooh Aaya yauhal Insaanu maa Gharrahkka Birbakeel”.

You should say Allah hu Akbar before purchasing or selling something it’s an simple and easy amal for Success in Business.

And then Recite

“Allah hUma Inshi-Traiuhy Altmisu Fihie Kahariyaa ka Fazal Kaharaya Allah huma Iniesh Taraytyuhu  Al tamisu Feehie min Fazilka Fazlee Fihie Rizkon Fazlaa Allah taala feehi Rizka”.

How To Do Amal In Islam
Islamic Amal means process of any work. How to do amal in Islam means the way of amal in Islam. Amal is the way of connecting with God for fulfill your desires in the life. Amal is totally like action on something. When we will complete some work with the help of right actions is known as amal and action is the way of doing amal. Amal is our deeds which is done by us in our lifetime, it may be good or bad deeds of our life.

How To Do Sifli Amal
Sifli amal is a deed which can be completed by only magician and perfect person in magic. It is the process of magic, mostly it’s used for bad intentions. But sometimes it’s so useful for us. Because Sifli amal can give us so much solution of our problem, with the help of Sifli amal you get complete your so much desires like you can achieve your love, you can achieve success in your personal or professional life, it’s also useful for getting success in studies and many more solution with the help of Sifli amal, so it’s so useful. But some people misuse it for their selfish desires.


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